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Bridesburg Outboard Club
November Newsletter
Monthly Board Meeting
The meeting was held on the 7th of November.  All were present or accounted.

Bob Tisoski is up to nominate a probationary member to join the club. We have one opening

Dates to Remember

Dock Day- This Saturday 9:00am start
Christmas Party- Saturday December 16th
Polar Bear Plunge- Saturday January 20th

Work Hours
The board has extended this work hour period until November 18th

December Lottery
If you have not already done so please pick up your December Lottery tickets from the bar.   You
must sell fifteen tickets. Please return by Tuesday, November 21st.  No Partial Payments

Hair Cut Sunday
Sunday, November 19th

Christmas Party
Please register early so the Elves can fulfill all the wishes

Holiday Baskets
We will be asking for holiday basket donations at the November Meeting

Well Wishes
Keep Frank Flanagan’s health in your prayers…more details at general meeting.

Handicap Ramp
The club will be accepting designs for Handicap Ramps.  This project will occur this spring.  
Please bring your thoughts and ideas to discuss at general meeting.  

Hazardous Waste Plant on the Delaware
The Board will be asking all members to sign a letter regarding the movement to ask Falls
Township to not permit granting Elcon a permit to treat hazardous waste on the Delaware River
and its tributaries

Board & Director nominations will be held at the November general meeting

New Members
At the November general meeting, Chuck Weney and Kevin Bamberski will be sponsoring two
potential probationary members.  Jeff Infusino and Jay Jacoby will be on the ballot as
probationary members.  Voting will take place at the general meeting.  

Queen’s Corner
If any member has a young lady who is interested in participating as our princess for the 2018
boating season, please be prepared to mention her name at the November general meeting.