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Joseph D. Rooney

Joe Rooney was one of the founding members of the
Bridesburg Outboard Club.  He has made countless
contributions over the years and he will be sorely missed by
the members and their families. Without Joe, the club would
have not matured to the club that we all know and love.  Our
hearts go out to his family and friends, and may Joe continue
to watch over us.
Henry J. Trindle

Henry or "Rocky" as everyone in the club knew him, was a
great friend and a principle member of the BOC.  His work
and tireless dedication in the club made all of our dreams a
reality.  Rocky will be greatly missed and will remain in our
hearts forever.
Tom Leonard

Tommy was an all around great guy. If the club had a
problem, he was there. If a member had a problem, he was
there.  If there was something that needed to be done, he was
there.  What else can you say about a man that is so
embedded in our hearts, minds, and our club?  We wish you
well Tommy, good journey and smooth sailing.  You will be
greatly missed.