Time Line Of Bridesburg Outboard Club

  • 1939 - Bridesburg Yacht Club Disbanded
  • 1940 - "Manufacturer's Club" takes residence in the clubhouse
  • 1954 - Bridesburg Outboard Club founded
  • 1962 - BOC and building moved from Reynolds St. to Jenks St.
  • 1963 - BOC joins the "Pennsylvania Pleasure Boating Association"
  • 1965 - The club is approved as an organization
  • 1966 - A 10' x 50' ramp installed at low water mark
  • 1970 - New clubhouse constructed
  • 1981 - BOC joins the "Delaware River Yachtsmen's League"
  • 1983 - Clubhouse is improved with electric, water, etc.
  • 1985 - First catfish tournament held
  • 1986 - Princess Stephanie Howells crowned DRYL Queen
  • 1991 - Clubhouse is remodeled further
  • 1998 - Moved to current location at the foot of Buckius St.
  • 1999 - New boat ramp installed at present location
  • 2000 - Docks and gang way installed
  • 2001 - Waterfront developed and gazebo constructed
  • 2007 - Walkway by the riverfront constructed
  • 2008 - Pavilion, grass, and walkways built
  • 2009 - Ground breaking for the new BOC clubhouse
  • 2011 - The Joe Rooney clubhouse officially opened
  • 2015 - Property expansion project begins
The History of Bridesburg Outboard Club

BOC was founded on September 3, 1954 by a group of ten men.  
The original location of the club was at the base of Reynolds St.,
which is approximately 500 yards north of our present location on
Buckius St.  The founding members of the club were:
Commodore-Ed Smigel; Vice Commodore-Walt Schmit; Recording
Secretary/Treasurer-Vic Lapaz; Harbor master-Roy Morris;
Directors-Harry Miley Sr., Harry Miley Jr., Pat Rooney, and Harry
Muller. The original clubhouse was a 12' x 12' abandoned railroad
freight station that was moved from Bridge St. The dues were set at
$0.50 a month.  A float and a 110' walkway were constructed so
there was access to the river at high or low tide.  

BOC was at this location for about 8 years until the summer of 1962,
when Rohm and Haas purchased the Stewart Smythe lumber yard.  
The clubhouse and equipment were relocated to the foot of Jenks St.
about 300 yards south of the Reynolds St. location. A
10' x 50' ramp was installed to the low water mark. In March 1963,
BOC joined the "Pennsylvania Pleasure Boating Association," and
on April 14, 1965, the club became incorporated.

In June, 1970 work began on a new clubhouse, it was 20' x 30'
cinder block construction.  With a lot of hard work and determination
the clubhouse's construction went swiftly, and by Thanksgiving Day
the same year, the roof was being put on.  In the seventies, the club
grew immensely thanks to dedicated officers and members working
for the betterment of the organization.

During the eighties the clubhouse was improved with electric, water,
a kitchen, and bathroom facilities.  January 1981 marked the clubs
admittance to the "
Delaware River Yachtsmen's League." In 1985,
the club held it's first catfish tournament.  The event was an
astounding success, so it was agreed upon that the tournament
would become an annual event. A year later in 1986, our princess
Stephanie Howells was crowned "Queen of the Delaware River
Yachtsmen's League."

The house was completely remodeled again in the early nineties to
suit the growing membership it had scene in the past decade.  In
1999, BOC moved to our current location at the foot of Buckius St.,
and construction soon started on developing the new land.  First and
foremost, the boat ramp was constructed quickly followed by the
gang way and the docks.  With the basic needs for a boat club met,
the club focused on improving the waterfront, constructing a gazebo
on the water and walkways by the river.

In the last few years, the club has improved at an astounding rate.
The summer of 2007 started the first of the clubs massive
undertakings to make the land ready for the construction of their new
home.  The waterfront was further improved by adding paths and
stairs to the docks, and a year later the construction of a pavilion
stocked with grills, picnic tables, and lighting.  It is around this time
that grass was planted by the river now that development of that area
was complete.

BOC in 2009, the club surpassed the dreams of even the most vivid
of imaginations.  In March, ground breaking began on the new
clubhouse and in 6 short months the club has gone from just a
foundation to walls, roof, frames, windows, and even plumbing.  It is a
testament to the drive and passion of the Officers, Directors, and all
the members, without their ability and hard work, the dreams of the
BOC would have never come to fruition.

Special Thanks to Joe Rooney for his contribution
Photos are for online viewing only and are property of Bridesburg Outboard Club.